Discovering ways to Support Our Mission to Encourage
Global STEM Education.


There are a number of ways that you can get involved with BeEagle Foundation and our mission to encourage STEM education worldwide. For instance, you can share your skills and talents as a volunteer in support of STEM education globally. You can leveraging the social platforms of BeEagle foundation to crowd-sourced your company’s designs and projects as a "STEM Project"
BeEagle Foundation - Become a Collaborator


By leveraging the social platforms of BeEagle foundation to crowd-sourced your company’s designs as a "STEM Project" for the youth around the world. The goal is to not only engage the youth in STEM activities and increase their interest in the same, but also to give the youth the power and pride of being part of something special.

BeEagle Foundation's Corporate Partnerships


A corporate partnership with BeEagle Foundation is created to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and marketing objectives, as well as our fundraising and awareness objectives, to achieve a truly mutually beneficial relationship. We are 501(c)3 organization. Your support helps us to continue to bridge the gap in STEM education for young women and girls worldwide. From being able to run our STEM Challenge and workshops for young women and men, through other education resources for them.

Volunteer for BeEagle Foundation


Learn more about BeEagle Foundation’s volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can share skills and talents to support STEM challenge, SETM projects. Volunteers play a key role in supporting our STEM projects, fundraising and administration. We seek like-minded individuals who can contribute to our mission.

Fundraise for BeEagle Foundation


Our fundraisers are inspirational and have completed a vast range of challenges to raise vital money to support the work of BeEagle Foundation. There are many sporting events taking place all over the country this year, so why not raise funds for BeEagle Foundation by signing up for a local race or challenge?.

We are also able to support your event on Social Media. Taking on a challenge or run is a great way to help change the life of young women and men, helping them to embark on careers in STEM. related fields while staying fit and having fun. We can provide you with Sponsorship Forms or you can set up an online donation page.


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